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THE WHO SHOW - Way Beyond Tribute

Have you seen THE WHO SHOW - Way Beyond Tribute perform? Show your support and post a review now.

Reviewer: phil sparta Email:
Venue: slo brew Location: san luis obispo,ca. Date: 2014-01-14
Having seen the Who several times I must saw The Who Show was as close to the real thing as you can get.This band is just plan fun and can they ever play and sing. Just one great band and do not miss them if they come to your town.
Reviewer: Joe Email:
Venue: Joseph Fetters Location: Lavapalooza 2009 Date: 2009-09-15
Incredible show! I would travel to see them again. Everything was spot-on. The music was fantastic, but it wasn\'t just about the music- it was the whole experience. They captured every mannerism and nuance and put you in a time machine. The vocals were great and so was the mix. If you have a chance to see The Who Show- do it. You'll be glad you did!
Reviewer: Bill S Email: bills@aol.com
Venue: Woodstock 09 Location: LA Date: 2009-08-15
What a show, I was really taken back to when I seen The Who in 71 and 72. I love seeing this band, they should have originals the stage and musicianship was BIG TIME... Thanks guys please keep it going. Bill
Reviewer: Steve Brandt Email: steve@mvindemnity.com
Venue: Rockin The Riverfront Location: Detroit Date: 2009-08-07
Best concert I have ever seen! Makes me want to buy a van and follow this band "Untill the Day I Die!" No Shit. Come back to the Midwest soon. Steve
Reviewer: Email:
Venue: The Avalon Location: Hollywood, CA Date: 2006-03-10
I saw the Quad show at the Avalon in Hollywood and was genuinely moved. The entire production far surpassed this jaded LA dweller's expectations. First off, Pete Townshend's emotionally and spiritually charged material hasn't lost any of it's poignancy. It is as deeply stirring today as it was when it was written in the early 1970s. I'm happy to report that Mr. Townshend's compositions were delivered with the respect they deserve, which has not always been the case with shows of this kind. There was no trying to "update" the sound as we've seen in movies like Backbeat, where someone thought it might be a good idea to have the popular rock bands of the day performing songs the Beatles played in a more "current" style. Having the Who Show tribute band perform the music, rather than an array of hired guns insured that the songs would be played in the style of the originals. Thank God. I applaud the band members for their commitment to reproducing the Who's sound as faithfully as they did. They are accomplished musicians and have done their homework. Being a Who fan from way back, I found the care with which every aspect of the production was executed to be refreshing. The direction was outstanding. The lighting and use of video were particularly impressive and the sets were excellent as well. All of the actors and dancers were well cast and did a wonderful job. The lead, Stephen Shareaux, delivered a compelling performance. He acted well and his vocals were remarkable. He captured Roger Daltry's passion and range surprisingly well. The Punk/Ace character played by Zoli Teglas also stood out. A fine rock singer... who also sounded like Daltry. Jimmy's dad (Dustin Officer) was another who really delivered the goods. Camille Driscoll who played the girlfriend, had a lovely elegance about her. It would have been nice if her character had been developed a bit more, like in the Quadrophenia movie. The production was obviously a labor of love, which really showed. It was a powerful and inspiring piece of theater. If I were asked to repectfully give any contructive critisicm on the show, there would really only be one thing worth mentioning. In my humble opinion, the finale - Love Reign O'er Me, would have been much more effective if Mr. Shareaux had remained in character and simply sung the song, rather than switching into Rock Concert mode and pumping up the audience (shouting things like "Come on people, let's hear it for love!") at the end. Doing that may have gotten some cheers from the audience, but it jarred me right out of the mood that the rest of the song had set up so beautifully. It wasn't Jimmy the mod singing his heart out anymore, it was Stephen the rock singer working the crowd for a bigger response. Breaking character and doing a rave up kind of thing might have worked on an encore rocker like My Generation... but on a highly moving, spiritual piece like Love Reign O'er Me, it was a distraction. It was time to make 'em cry, not make 'em cheer. The people will cheer after they've been moved to their souls... and Mr. Shareaux, singing Townshend's song as Jimmy - the tortured youth, has the ability/opportunity to move people to their souls....a rave up isn't needed. In closing, I'd like to say that Quad was truly something special. Especially today - when mediocrity is exalted, and excellence often seems to be a forgotten concept... it is a rare thing to find see a show that is truly exceptional. Thank you to all who were involved for giving us something with intelligence, artistic integrity and spiritual and emotional depth.
Reviewer: Brian Weinhart Email: bweinhart@sswesq.com
Venue: Avalon Location: Hollywood Date: 2006-03-10
What a great show! Fantastice. This needs to go on the road. I would definately see it again!
Reviewer: Joyce McGirr Email: McGirr1215@aol.com
Venue: \"Quadrophenia\" Location: The Grove in Anaheim Date: 2005-11-18
I was at a four hour rehearsal with this fabulous band prior to the show and then flew out again with my husband to see and hear them in the first staged "Quadrophenia". I think I just about went out of my mind watching this production. It was incredible! Darren, a la Pete, was awesome! Not only is he a fabulous musician on guitar, he is also a great singer and actor - and gorgeous! I was in awe of his performance. Mike wowed us with his beautiful bass playing and his very expressive eyes. France is unbelievable on drums. He's always on and makes everyone feel so much a part of the show. And Joey sang his heart out and looked fantastic. Glad he got to come out in the center walkway and do his thing. He had us rockin'! Peter on keyboards is a terrific musician. Although we never saw him on stage, I met him in rehearsal and know that his musical knowledge and talent brought much to all in the performance. The band was to me the heart of the show and it was so obvious that all the guys had a great feel for the music, the drama, and each other. They were tight as musicians and were obviously enjoying every minute of their performance. This production with such a fabulous band and great cast was Broadway quality. I congratulate Peter Uribe for his brilliant vision and execution of the show and thank Bill Schultz for believing in this production. It needs to come to New York City. There are so many great theaters here and a very large Who following. Everyone I have talked to said they love The Who and would go to see "Quadrophenia" or for that matter The "Who Tribute Show." So come on guys! In the meantime, I am still filled with the excitement of the music of the band. I thank each and everyone of you for your musicianship and for your including me in your music lives. I had a blast and can't wait to be with you again and be a part of your music!
Reviewer: Peter Reilich Email: petermaxie@hotmail.com
Venue: Location: No Ho Date: 2006-01-03
Hey people! France, you've really turned this site into a great place. luv the videos & pics. I just wanted to use this spot to say how buzzed I am over the groovy crowds that came out for these two successful shows. Y'all rocked! Like I was telling the guys, this music needs loud, rockin, concert hall sized crowds to complete the full effect, nothing worse than an audience sitting quietly and clapping after you've just burned out an arena-rock power anthem. I've played many 70s-arena-rock shows in the past, but honestly had more fun than ever playing The Who Show, having a great time pretending to be Rabbit. woo, hoo! friggin great audiences on those shows. cool , thanks Bill & Bill & the cast & crew and guys in the band. Rock on! peace, love - Pete Reilich, Keyboardist, The Who Show
Reviewer: Penny Email:
Venue: The Grove of Anaheim Location: Tribute to Quadrophenia-The Grove of Anaheim ! Date: 2005-11-19
You guys were BRILLANT..I was so impressed..and The Who Show was beyond incredible!!! I just LOVED IT !!! I loved the show so much, that I was dancing in my seat. I was having a a lot of fun... The Who Show was amazing, the actors were amazing, and I especially loved the dancers...Bravo..
Reviewer: Johanna Email:
Venue: The Grove of Anaheim-Tribute t Location: The Grove of Anaheim Date: 2005-11-19
I am so proud of you The Who Show-Way Beyond Tribute to The Who. A Tribute to Quadrophenia was so great! I am so tired & my throat is sore from cheering on The Who Show. In my opinion, the show was really a showcase for The Who Show. I tried to imagine if I had gone to this play-A Tribute to Quadrophenia, not knowing the band The Who Show & then seeing & hearing you, I would have been totally blown away. Mike...f**king awesome. Darren, you were on fire as usual, but this time it was an 11! France, I am sure every last person there at The Grove, had to be extremely impressed. Joey gave it his heart & soul and put on a great show. Ahhh...I just love The Who Show!!

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